Welcome To Smit Organic Mango Farm

Our farm is located in Sasan-Gir a place in Junagadh. Sasan-Gir is famous for its mango farms and Asiatic Lions. The Mango is known as “King of Fruit” and is liked by all age groups. We cultivate Organic Mangoes and Mango Pulp since the year 2000. We have been distributing the organic mangoes and mango pulp to Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Baroda, Surat, and many other places in Gujarat and different states of India. We have a large farm to grow up organic mangoes, here we do not use any chemical fertilizers or any pesticides.

Normally, it is heard that Sasan-Gir, a place in Junagadh is famous for its Organic Kesar Mangoes but it was difficult for each and every person to reach there and get the best quality mango to eat. So, we found a way out of it and now you can buy Kesar Mango online. The best quality Kesar Mangoes and Mango Pulp are exported by us and reached people all over the world.

You will be made to reach the organic Kesar mango. The mangoes you will purchase from us will be purely organic and natural. No pesticides or chemicals will be sprayed on it. Rates of the mango will also vary. You will be able to buy the mango at cheaper rates. The reason behind this is the organic mangoes you purchase are delivered to you directly from the farms. We have no sellers, retailers, or wholesalers in between.

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